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  • Pre-school children should be comfortably dressed in old clothes that can get dirty, torn, and painted on. Don’t dress them in their ‘Sunday best’.
  • Any messages or figures on clothing (including caps) must promote ideas and products that are consistent with Christian values.  There should be no swear words or bad language.
  • All girls’ tops and dresses must cover their back and shoulders and preferably have sleeves. No shoestring straps!  This is to protect their skin from the sun.
  • Children should wear takkies (sneakers/tennis shoes) or sandals - no platform shoes or flip-flops are allowed.
  • Caps or hats must be worn whenever the children are outside, so make sure your child brings a cap or hat to school every day.
  • Especially for the Junior Pre-school children: include a spare set of clothes in your child’s bag every day – in case of an ‘accident’!


Primary school

For details regarding the uniform requirements for the primary and high school learners, please refer to the “school uniform list” School uniform list will be supplied to parents/guardians upon registration, or can be collected at the school office.

Neatness & Grooming Regulations


  • The uniform must be clean and mended as necessary (no holes).
  • Shoes must be kept neat and odor-free (clean and polish as necessary).
  • Students must bathe regularly.
  • Older Students should use an anti-perspirant deodorant to guard against objectionable body odors.
  • School shirts must be worn tucked in at all times, with at least the first button done up.
  • Students may wear vests, but no other long or short-sleeved shirts, under their school shirts.
  • When wearing summer uniform, if mornings are cool, jerseys may be worn only until 09:00.


Hair Regulations

Girls’ hair must always be clean, neat and tidy in their natural style.
Fringes must not be longer than the eyebrows.
If hair hangs over the shirt collar, it must be tied on the top of the head or at the neck.  If hair is more than 30cm long, it must be tied at two points.  French and Indian plaits are allowed.
Ethnic braids are allowed but must be the same colour as the natural hair colour.  No beads or other decorations will be allowed.  If braided hair hangs over the shirt collar, it must also be tied as per the rules for unbraided hair.
When hair is worn in a short style (shorter than the shirt collar), no pigtails or long sections of hair at the neck are allowed.
Hair may not be coloured (dyed) or peroxided at all.
Hair decorations must match the school colours (white, navy or red) and only material elastic bands, 2cm wide ribbons or 2cm wide Alice bands and scrunchies are permitted.
Banana slides and clips, butterflies or other fashion decorations are not permitted.
Extreme hairstyles are not acceptable – ‘extreme’ is determined at the discretion of the principal and may include cut and/or colour.

Boys’ hair must be clean and neat in their natural style and generally the same length all around their heads.  Pigtails and braids are not allowed.
Hair must not touch their shirt collars.
Fringes, when combed downwards, must be at least 1cm above the eyebrows.
Hair must be cut around the ears.  Hair cut in layers (‘mushroom’ or ‘step’ style) is not permitted.
No complete or partial shaving of the head is allowed.
Hair may not be coloured (dyed) or peroxided at all.
No gel, hair wax, etc. is allowed to be used
Extreme hairstyles are not acceptable – ‘extreme’ is determined at the discretion of the principal and may include cut and/or colour.

Nails & Make-Up Regulations

•    Students’ nails should be kept trimmed, neat and short at all times.
•    No nail polish is allowed.
•    No make-up is allowed.

Jewelry Regulations


  • NO jewelry may be worn by girls or boys except for Medic-Alert.
  • If girls have pierced ears, a simple silver or gold ring/sleeper (1cm in diameter) or a silver or gold stud (without gems) may be worn in the bottom hole.
  • Students may wear watches with thin straps of one colour only. (watches should not be toy or distraction)

The following penalties apply to infringements of the above rules.

1.    A demerit will be awarded for each infringement.
2.    If incorrect uniform, or clothes other than the uniform, are worn to school, parents will be called to either bring the correct uniform items or to take the child home so he/she can change.
3.    Parents will be informed of incorrect hair styles or decorations.  These will have to be corrected by the following school day.
4.    Incorrect jewelry will be confiscated and returned to the learner at the end of the school term.
5.    Nail polish and makeup will be removed at school, and long nails will be cut.